Let’s make the dreams of these beautiful families come true!

Let’s make the dreams of these beautiful families come true! image


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Dwellings is a charity that is committed to building homes and changing lives

by providing shelter and hope for recipient families as well as a life changing experience for those involved in the building process.

Your involvement will make a lasting difference in the lives of those who live in difficult living conditions. By making a donation or becoming a volunteer you will help provide a new start for a grateful family.

Murillo Escoto Family’s Current Home

The Murillo Escoto Family

Fredy and Ritzy have been married for 10 years. Fredy is 41 years old and Ritzy is 27 years old. They have two beautiful children: Christofer is 8 years old; he is in 3rd grade and Camila is 1 1/2 year old. Fredy moved to Roatan with his mom about 20 years ago. Fredy was only 13 years old when his mom separated from his dad. Fredy attended school only up to 5th grade. Fredy spent 4 years in the army; he was able to finish his 6th grade during his time in the army. He started working as a taxi driver when he got out of the army. Fredy also worked for over 12 years at a purified drinking water company; he used to make between $12 - $18 per day; his salary depended on commissions from his sales. Currently, he works as a taxi driver. He works every day from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. He tries to work as late as possible to earn more money to provide for his family. Fredy makes between $15 - $20 a day. Ritzy attended school up to 10th grade. She stopped studying and decided to move to Roatan when she was just 17 years old to look for a job so she could help her parents and her 4 siblings economically. Ritzy met Fredy the same year she moved to Roatan. She started working as a nanny. Later on, she started working as a cook in different dining places. Currently, she stays at home taking care of her children. Fredy and Ritzy were able to get a piece of land. They are still paying for it. They dream of having their own house and giving their children a more stable and decent life than the one they both had growing up. Let’s be part of their dream. Let’s build a home for them!

Monterosa Murillo Family’s Current Home

The Monterosa Murillo Family

Maricela is 40 years old. Wilson is 34 years old. Maricela has 3 beautiful children: Genesis, Joseph and Dilan. Genesis is 16 years old; she is in 10th grade. Genesis’ dad passed away when she was just 2 years old. Maricela married again a couple of years later. . Unfortunately, her 2nd marriage only last 7 years. Joseph was born from that marriage. Joseph is 9 years old; he is in 4th grade. Maricela is currently married to Wilson. They have been married for over 5 years. They have a son named Dilan; he is 4 years old. Even though Joseph’s dad and Maricela are no longer together; he still supports Joseph economically. He gives Maricela around $83.33 monthly for school and food expenses. Joseph’s dad works selling gas propane in different communities. Joseph spends the weekends with his dad, so he can still build a relationship with his dad. Maricela moved to Roatan with her mom about 20 years ago. Maricela was only 12 years old when her mom separated from her dad. Maricela attended school only up to 8th grade; she couldn’t afford to finish highschool. She started working at a young age as a cook in a dining place. She worked as a cook for several years. After having her children, Maricela was able to save some money to finish her studies. She decided to get a sewing title. She worked for a couple of years as a seamstress, but decided to get back into cooking at a dining place. She made around $12 per day. She currently stays at home taking care of her child Dilan. Once he’s back in school she’ll get back to work. Wilson and Maricela met in Roatán. Wilson studied up to 6th grade; he couldn’t afford to keep studying. He was abandoned by his dad. He grew up with his single mom and 4 siblings. Wilson is the second oldest of his siblings. He started working when he was 16 years old as a construction helper, so he could help his mom and support his younger siblings. Currently, Wilson works at a hotel as a driver; he makes about $15 per day. Maricela and Wilson have been paying for a piece of land for the last couple of years. They need our helping hand. Let’s provide a home for the Monterosa Murillo family!